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Trendsetter I & II

available in 20 different colors. Available in 2 weights, 55 oz, and 40 oz.


Yarn:100% PureColor® Soft Solution Dyed BCF Polyester, Colors:20, Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Wear Warranty:25, Manufacture Defects Warranty:25 Year, Fade Warranty:Lifetime, Soil Warranty:25 Year. Retention Warranty:25 Year, Pet Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Weight:55 oz, Par Rating:4.0Style Type:Texture

Color Name

103 New Haven, 134 Imperial Sable, 174 Cloudy Sky, 192 Meadow Trail, 201 Oatlands, 217 Russett, 247 Twig, 262 Gimmer, 266 Pelican Bay, 302 Crystal Clear, 327 Sageview, 359 Oxford Stone, 381 Smokey Taupe, 398 Trail Creek, 405 Soft Tan, 422 Willow Tree, 513 Sparking Dew, 800 Dove, 828 Acadia, 899 Ash Grove


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