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Epic I & II

Available in 24 different colors.
Available in 3 weights, 65 oz and 50 oz.


Yarn:100% PureColor® Soft SD BCF Polyester, Fade Warranty:Lifetime, Par Rating:3.5, Weight:65 oz, Pet Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Manufacture Defects Warranty:25 YearStyle Type:Texture, Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Colors:24Soil Warranty:25 Year, Wear Warranty:25 Year, Retention Warranty:25 Year, Backing:PureBac® Backing


Dark Brown, Gray

Color Name

221 Angel Brook, 231 Daydream, 257 Crystal Topaz, 353 Oceantide, 508 Morning Dew, 624 Aquanmarine, 625 Tuscan Sun, 632 Pearl Stone, 636 Oyster Opal, 650 Napa Harvest, 675 Countryside, 718 Virgo, 746 Starry Sky, 752 Gravel Stone, 754 Moon Struck, 768 Rainforest, 772 Nature Jewels, 807 Rolling Hills, 837 Nordic Mist, 871 Treasure Trove, 873 Pacific Breeze, 878 Sandy Cove, 879 Floral Park, 928 Valley Haze


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