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Jackson Hole I & II

Available in 15 different colors.

Available in 2 different weights, 42 oz and 60 oz.


Colors:15, Yarn:100% PureColor® SD BCF Polyester, Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Wear Warranty:15 Year, Manufacture Defects Warranty:15 Year, Fade Warranty:Lifetime, Soil Warranty:15 Year, Retention Warranty:15 Year, Pet Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Weight:42 oz, Par Rating:3.5, Style Type:Texture


Dark Brown, Light brown, Medium Brown

Color Name

107 Deep Thistle, 108 Sierra Lace, 113 Prairie Sun, 117 Sunglow, 138 Edgewood, 145 Campground, 163 Walnut Ridge, 180 Alpine Bay, 273 Cedar Way, 323 Snow River, 395 Gravel, 411 Quiet Breeze, 637 Pebble, 916 Bay Dunes, 923 Night Shade, Yakima


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