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Confetti I, II, III

Available in 12 different colors.

Available in 3 different weights, 38 oz, 48 oz, and 60 oz.


Yarn:100% PureColor® Soft Solution Dyed BCF Polyester, Colors:12, Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Wear Warranty:25 Years, Manufacture Defects Warranty:25 Years, Fade Warranty:Lifetime, Soil Warranty:25 Years, Retention Warranty:25 Years, Pet Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Weight:38 oz, Par Rating:3.5, Style Type:Texture


Dark Brown, Gray, Light brown, Medium Brown

Color Name

118 Cloudburst, 154 Silver Mist, 406 Ivory Tower, 453 Waterfall, 457 Vale MIst, 584 Pale Vista, 627 Mountain View, 723 Swing, 768 Bisque, 776 Cadence, 795 Harmonic Tan, 917 Harmony


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