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Striking I, II, & III

Available in 16 colors and has 3 different weights, 35 oz, 60 oz, and 45 oz.


Yarn:100% PureColor® Soft Solution Dyed BCF Polyester, Colors:16, Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Wear Warranty:25 Year, Manufacture Defects Warranty:25 Year, Fade Warranty:Lifetime, Soil Warranty:25 Year, Retention Warranty:25 Year, Pet Stain Warranty:Lifetime, Weight:35 oz, Par Rating:3.5Style Type:Texture


Dark Brown, Gray, Light brown, Medium Brown

Color Name

580 Cashmere, 720 Buff, 730 Goosedown, 744 Parchment, 784 Warm Teak, 800 Dove, 820 Dusk, 830 Linen, 859 Clover, 861 Soft Leather, 889 Dark Platinum, 905 Stucco, 920 Smoke, 927 Chrome, 968 Armor, 973 Shamrock


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