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Elegant Appeal I,II&III

Available in 30 different colors.

Available in two different widths 12ft and 15 ft.


For more detailed information,


Dark Brown, Gray, Light brown, Medium Brown

Color Name

Abyss, Ancient Scroll, Arena Dorado, Aspen, Autumn Glow, Bermuda Bay, Calypso, Cape Mist, Clam Island, Coastal, Colorado Springs, Concord Green, Crepe, Dash O'spice, Desert Dust, Downpour, Envy, Fairway, Flaky Coconut, Fleece, Haze, Highgate, Highland Forest, Iron Rust, London Fog, Magic Pearl, Manor Stone, Mediterranean, Moonrise, Ocean Tide, Outback, Rocky Ridge, Salutation, Sea Cove, Season's Change, Shell Trail, Silhouettes, Storm Watch, Thunder River, Tomorrow's Taupe


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